Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Decimal Places

My common measure of love is the barriers I’m easily willing to breach for a person, no matter what. I think of all the people that I love or that this society tells me that I love (sometimes giving me no choice) – family, friends, Lil Girl. Then, I look in the past. What has everyone asked of me? And how has everyone bruised me? By my reaction in each case, I know how much I love each of them to three decimal places.


  1. i am thinking: whoa! how did you come to do the measurement to such accuracy!

    i mean science tells that even 2.000 is more accurate than just 2



  2. Thanks, Novisi. What I say is true.

  3. *Very interesting* I like the exact measure of 3 decimal places...BTW, why not 4,5 or even infinity decimal places? I love the idea of a scale of Love...Family would be higher on the scale and then exes that really ticked you off would either be down to fractions or negative numbers!

  4. 3, Abena, because that's how it occurs to me. Plus it gives the piece a little fantasy where 4 or 5 would be plain incredible.

  5. Nonono, love cannot be measured. Even using decimal places. But I do believe love can be questioned, why do we love certain individuals?

  6. Honestly, Kajsa, I believe there are many ways to measure exactly how much love we have in every situation.


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