Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fellow bloggers, permit me to speak on behalf of as many of you as are like minded. I heard a man diss our craft on BBC on Tuesday, November 18, 2008. He called us untalented amateurs who should leave blogging for professional journalists to do. He keeps a blog himself, ergo, clearly in his elitist mind, he is supremely talented and qualified to blog.

When I blog, I want to write about simple, silly things. I want to create light reads. I did (and do) not set out to write serious stuff. If serious stuff results, it does so by accident. Serious heavy-lid topics are for others (boring people). The world has so many of them, and we’re still where we are – nowhere!

The snotty, poor-competing blogophobe does not live in Burma, China or Zimbabwe. His journalism is not censored; his life unthreatened. In many countries, the only news comes through blogging. It is the only window to lifestyle, culture, humanity. So must we wait for journalists who cannot write because the State hounds them, when ordinary people can still tell a story?

He said literary pieces on farting dogs get more reading on the internet than the serious stuff. I say so be it! Unless he has 101 farting Dalmatians in his living room, it is grand, grand news, and he’s being a hoity-toity hypocrite. The world takes itself too seriously anyway!


  1. hahahahahahaha!

    Nana, one can only laugh out loud with a fart at this man!

    as for me, i blog what i like...with much respect to Steve Biko!

    let him go eat up himself and the earth would still continue to orbit the sun!

    i guess he is overly and too (as if overly is not enough) talented to share such practice with such untalented amateurs like my crazy self who want (not only) to push for the freedom of expressing the fart out of oneself anyway!

    i won't take him seriously and i urge you not to!

    does he know and can he imagine what blogging has done to save the world of would-have-been suicides and such anti-socials?

    once again with a big bang of a fart (not doggy but manly):


  2. You've more than answered him, so I will move on.

  3. At least he does not think that you're wearing pajamas, living in your parents' basement while you blog.

  4. Hey Victoria, thanks. Forgive me, but I miss the point.

  5. Nana, you should have linked to the BBC News item directly so I can read for myself. I have been searching BBC News and cant find the article.

  6. Touche, David. It's just I do not like links to disturb my flow in creativity. I heard live on radio while driving home. It was on between 2130 and 2200 GMT on Nov 18'08. Hope this helps in your search.

  7. I am sad I missed that...the poor man has clearly has missed the point. To me, blogs allow ordinary voices and opinions to be heard across the globe... Why should we leave our opinions to be filtered, balanced and packages by journalists? The web along belongs to the masses. Amateurs Unite!

  8. Hi Nana,

    That pitiful soul was clearly grandstanding.
    Ignore him and he will go away to whatever cave he emerged from.

  9. That guy is just toooo known :) Great one Nana Yaw, I for one is happy you write what you please!

  10. Thanks, Yngvild, I know you always have my back.

  11. And, Abena, that's all there really is to say about that!

  12. Posekyere, may I have my pen back now, please? Because that's what your comment felt like (like you borrowed it to write exactly what I would have). Thanks :-)

  13. I can't stand know-alls - those who've been there, done that, heard it all and have to brag about it.
    They take themselves so seriously too..!
    What does he know about "live and let live", freedom of speech..?

    Ignorance is what makes people judgemental, in my book; I feel sorry for narrow minded fools more than anything..:)

  14. Thanks for commenting, my friend. We will blog what we please and encourage others until everybody in the world has had the chance to say what they want to say.

  15. I hope this link helps you get the point :)


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