Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why We Write

A big, black bird with one bandaged, broken wing, spiralling backwards, wildly and upside-down, as if its steely claws are tethered by invisible solar threads.

Try rivalling that image with song or sculpture, photograph or paintbrush! It will be static; if not that, unfaithful to reality; if not that, frivolous; if not that, staged, disingenuous!

Take our fractured flyer again. A big black bird – it could be a ravenous raven, blistering buzzard, colossal condor, or an elegant eagle or some other brilliantly-plumed predator (altering the geographical setting every time). This is A-to-Z imagination at your choosing!

We write because we hate a blank, blue sky or a vivid, but frozen, gelid portrait.


  1. Truly thought provoking and I won't argue with it.

  2. A bit uppish towards the other art forms, I admit, but still very very true, Sir(?) Ma'am(?)

  3. Such a lovely sentiment. You remind me of just how much we are all moved by the power of truly crafted figurative language.

  4. Laban,

    Knowing who you are, I am truly honoured by your comment. Thanks, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


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