Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Frumble in the Belly

You’re roller-coasting on a dream date, or you’re delivering a professional presentation (one-on-one) or stoking the friendship Fahrenheit. Everything’s percolating in milky-smooth or honey-fine flow. Just when you’re a whisker away from rendering the deal-sealing line or cupid-calling candy floss, embarrassment growls from under your clothes.

It’s so loud that you know they heard it too. You, yourself, are startled, clueless whether you just slipped a good old fart, or if it’s only your stupid stomach rumbling. So, on you go, “I was saying that …” grrrrrrrrrowl! There you go again! Your face betrays your gastric black eye. This last one was surely a bleak, borderline case – a suspiciously sinister combine of the two. We shall have to call it a ‘frumble’ (fart + rumble) in your belly. :-)


  1. hihi. You have just given me a new word. :) very funny yourself.

  2. Done with pleasure, Yngvild. :-)

  3. Too many a time at Uni did I experience this! Glad to finally have a word for it! Brilliant!

  4. LMAO!

    sooo silly nana!

  5. Well, Muze, I so like to be silly. The world's too serious!

  6. F A R T and R U M B L E OOOOOOO!

    reminds me of 'the sound' (only the sound) of Shasha Marley's song. ya ya ta!

    maata pui pui...maata fiush...


    the world is too serious...true!

  7. Yes, but Shasha's song is not about borderline case. It is a fart song and not a frumble song. We're getting gross, enough!


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