Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I thought he was a simple man
Speaking in cute, curt fanti
Just when I was admiring him
I heard him say 'delayance'


  1. Nana Yaw, you make me laugh til I'm about to cry! It's as bad as hearing a decent-looking woman say "when did you came?".

    True story, but credit to her, she was in and from Kumasi and we all know the only language to speak there is Twi.

  2. Ahem, Maya, I was born in Kumasi, lol. This guy was a labourer or fish guy or something.

  3. *LOL* You made me laugh out loud. One of the security men at my brother's work was confronted by the big boss about an error he made and he said "Sorry, I was mistake..". The boss was livid. We joked that the only way this was possible was if he had played the character "Mistake" in a play at some point.

    But somehow I feel guilty about laughing about Ginglish.. Especially since many of my people(s)from the middle-belt Hinterlands would probably make similar mistakes. But then again, they have one up on me since my twi at most times can be "some way"..

  4. "Mistake" is very funny too. Poor worker. Trying so hard to express himself only to fail. I understand why you don't want to laugh about Ginglish, but the guy who said delayance just wanted to speak big english. I will not take him hostage. He must be fried!

  5. Eurocentric complex: mastering the English language is as good as mastering Twi or any other language. Wake up from your "mental slavery" slumber... Sad indeed!


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