Thursday, October 30, 2008


Untidy desk
Almost Grotesque
I'm on a mental holiday
On this crazy, working day


  1. You lazy bugger.

  2. No, it's good! I think I take a mental holiday almost everyday, best way to stay alive.

    But clean up the desk. ;)

  3. Oh, Anon, it's not that bad!

  4. And risk having no excuse for more mental holidays? Never, Maya! :-))

  5. WOW! There was just this huge picture of you on top of your blog! Where did it come from, and more importantly, where did it GO? It was cool.

    Enjoy your mental holiday. I have had enough of that lately, I need a mental workday.

  6. I know! I was trying to put it on the Header but I ended saying "Honey, I blew up the kid". Do you remember that movie? Well, so I took it off. You know my blog is mostly about words, and I did not want to wreck it.

    Get up and go get a full workday, my friend.

  7. it would be fun if you wrote "Honey, I blew up the kid" on the header....

  8. I agree, Yngvild, but that would have been if I were keeping the mammoth photo,no? :-)


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