Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Driving to a T in the City of Accra

I looked languidly on the latest instalment as it unfolded squat in the umbra of the Police HQ. The callow caitiff was in fine flow controverting the cyclist cops to the point of perishing the thought that they really saw what they thought they saw – a traffic transgression.

The violated victim veiled his Factor-8-deficient face with his hands, in disconsolate disbelief. Betwixt plaintive cries, he’d part his fingers to take a peek at his damaged caoutchouc car.

People who drive in Accra do not know fault, will not accept mistakes, and will obfuscate fact with aggression and mob-attracting sabre rattling. Why are we so dishonest? So are we honest when we’re not driving?


  1. my guess-
    thats how all humans are
    okay, well..... most.
    finding an honest person is not that easy.
    No one would want to be called a coward. The truth is, if you accept your fault, you are not really a coward. I would say u're brave.

    Maybe they just love the scenes they create by the roads.
    At least all attention would be on you for that particular moment.lol
    This is what i call at3 fi!

  2. Kwanseman, they just think about the time and financial implications of their indiscretion and decide that heaven will understand the "smaller" sin of lying one's way out of a situation.

  3. Following the posts and discussions keenly from Kenema, the diamond district of Sierra Leone. No time yet for reflective comments. Got to go get me some "diamonds"!

  4. Hurry back, we're due to celebrate my 100th blog post at Equator, no?

  5. 0023276395439

  6. Anonymous17 July, 2008

    Don't worry Kissi...we will all be giving you a call :o)


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