Thursday, July 17, 2008


She’s perched perky until the sun sinks, cutting ceaseless clicking sounds with her crystalline cuticles on the QWERTY. Every now and then, she electrifies the still air with her candied voice on the desk phone. Or she gleams in smiles and wiles at whoever walks in.

She commands, and chats with, the glowing LCD in the assured vocals of an e-expert, and fires urbane banter with me, while we wait for my pen drive to check in. She flirts, she sparkles, she menaces!

But when she’s done downloading the data from my doodad, she ejaculates it cold without pomp or preparation. And she’s just committed gizmocide! I get cracking back to the office, careworn to find out if my virtual info is, perhaps, immortal.


  1. Another excellently expressed experience!!Ive been close to geting "Gizmocized" on several occasions myself and its certainly not fun.
    And let me add, that is a lovely picture of yourself ;-)
    Just an observation; you've been changing your pics quite often!

  2. Thanks for the comment...and for the comment ;-). About the pics, I am silly about looking for the perfect pic.


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