Monday, July 14, 2008

Are Telenovelas for Women? Really?!

I was given to take on trust that maudlin telenovelas were a fantasy flight for weak-willed women played false by their possum-playing men; flapping wings to a magical land tingling with romantic possibility, fervid formication, all the lovely things their men would never be. I was made to empathise that, being un-soft and semi-pure to the more refined rarities of life, men esteemed these dainty distractions as weak wasteful nothings.

Gladly gaining home on cruise control from hell-frazzling work this evening, I acquired a thick throng pupating around a tiny TV set somewhere open air in the 37 zone. The light, fluid traffic allowed me to glide to a trickling pace to range the secret spectacle. The men outstripped the women, and they were narcosynthesising on “Second Chance”, a teledrama about love, betrayal and souls playing hopscotch from body to handsome body.


  1. Why am I not surprised? Men love to brush things off as women's stuff, but then, when no one is around, they'll sneek and do the same thing, be it watching a Nigerian movie, browsing through Agoo or Vogue, or watching telenovelas. The only thing that surprises me is that they were watching it out in the open. That's refreshing!

  2. As, you said, the sneaky stuff is even over. Men who love to do "women's things" now do them in the open.

  3. Anonymous15 July, 2008

    I must say you are a fine writer and i like the way you use words.i am actually hooked onto this blogger and i hope it doesnt become an the men watch the telenovelas if you enjoy them but please in the open.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww, Anon, you flatter me so. Thank you so very much. Please, become addicted :-)

  5. odd one out...but i'm still yet a boy...yet to call meself perhaps i don't fall in...

    but truth is i've seen some but i don't watch! i could have my eyes fixed on it and my boyish mind would be on some faraway picture!

    but i remember getting hooked on Sunset Beach back in the days when i was still a boy. my brother (he is a man) made the hype hit my senses till i got all fed up with the 'overly-artificial suspenses'! it was always too expected!

    hardly have the time anyway these days.

    but i might just see one again soon!

  6. yes, your writing is quite impressive.

    wow @ them watching them out in the open. the majority of men i know are much to 'macho' to even admit they enjoy them lol.

  7. gee, novisi, you and i connect on two levels of your comment.

    i still call myself a boy, just like you.

    about the telenovelas, i'll watch if i chanced upon one, but, honestly, i find myself squirming with embarrassment half of the time from the soft-soft, syrupy scenes.

  8. thanks for your kind words, muze. i believe you already know that i like your writing.

  9. "Awwwwwwwwwww, Anon, you flatter me so."
    Thats just another "women's things"
    I really enjoy being a female. At least i dun av to hide when doing the thing i love!

  10. Yes, Kwansema, openly enjoying the things women enjoy must be wonderful. But surely females too hide when they are doing some of the things they love!!! ;-)

  11. Y'all who are saying men hide to enjoy the things they love kindly provide me with just three examples.
    I do not think that men consider telenovelas as women stuff. Rather, the concern of men is that their women want them to behave like them men actors in the telenovelas. That is what we rebel against. Simply because it is an unrealistic demand and it surprises us that our womenfolk cannot separate reality from hollywood fiction.
    If you want us to behave like them telenovela men, then for a start, why dont u start dressing like them telenovela girls?
    Serioulsy, its a huge misconception that when no one is around, men sneek to do the same thing they brush off as women's stuff. Maybe in Maya's world.

  12. Yes Kiz, I certainly would refuse to compete with perfect virtual men, if my females can't compete with flawless women on the silver (or any other) screen. :-)


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