Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Azumah Nelson, National Hero II

So, the Lion of Africa could not even scratch a hairline fracture on Ayers Rock (Uluru). Wait, that is mighty unfair! The rock is already an awesome, eerie red, so its bruises could hardly come to show, no?

Azumah stood in high water’s dreaded way for the love of the children. I heard he called up the Aussie Cat to donate some Aussie dollars to a Ghanaian cause. The sly feline, licking a double old wound inflicted by the Gladiator of Accra, would not let a cent pass without an avenging duel. He knew he was younger and kept in much the better shape.

And, yet, in the final rounds, the Tommy cat tail-between-legged all over the ring Down Under, fearful that the lion had one puissant paw stroke left in him. Azumah did it for the children, and came out unscathed. He is twice the man he was, when he woke up this morning in a Sydney Hotel Room.


  1. Having read (and commented on Part I) I didn't think you would end it this way. I thought you were looking to criticise "geriatric" boxers, but I see your patriotism won through. Good piece expecially as you managed to make it about much more than just boxing.

  2. I admit I wrote this as a second-hand witness, both to the fight the the bit about the phone call. But I trust my sources.

    And, about patriotism, whatever you say, Devlin. ;-)


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