Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Azumah Nelson, National Hero I

And when the bell chimes, he must lock his eagle eyes on feline Fenech’s claw-paws, not blinking or retreating; thinking, while not imposing.

Between ducking the birdshots on the fly, like quail, and skipping on his semi-geriatric legs, he must freeze his granite mind on his former glorious fights, and recall the one sucker punch which never failed him in a deadly duel.

Then, he must bide his ticking time, and (if he’s not already been pulverised by the vicious and younger man) he must wantonly unleash a deadly dumdum to break the atlas and axis bones in the vain vertebrae of the Aussie Cat.


  1. It's difficult to tell whether you expect Nelson to win or lose.

  2. D, my heart wants him to win, but my head says he will lose. Seen him lately, and he's slow and ageing.


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