Friday, June 27, 2008

The Child

Is your heart of the whole
In what it is you’re doing?
Or do you sometimes wish
You were doing something else?

Do you do it with a free mind
Or is your hand forced to it?
And even when the end feels right
Do you think you could do more?

Do you think you’re in the right place
Or are you moving at the wrong pace?
And if life should end today
Would you regret your options made?

If life is one hard game
How are your pieces playing out?
Is there a burning need
Or hunger in your soul?

Do you meet the morn with hope
And go to bed with a light load?
Do you take the time to stop
And ask yourself: is it worth it?

Whatever you start to do
Do you finish what you start?
And are these questions really meant
To be answered? None at all!


  1. All the basic questions I ever wanted to ask myself. And you ask it so simply and without effort! That really goes well with the title "The Child". Am I right that that's the reason you chose that title?

  2. Dear Devlin, you are quite right about my reason for choosing the title "The Child" for this poem. I guess I christened it so because it is asking simple, unaffected questions of the self. Plus, mischievously, it offers or seeks no answers. None at all! :-)

  3. So beautifully written. As I read and tried to answer the questions, I couldn't help but feel relief on being told we don't need to give answers at all. Life is simply to complex at times for those answers.

  4. Yes, Maya, we should let life's imponderables alone. I feel that it is enough to know how you feel when these questions are being asked to you (by yourself). At least you will know whether and when to get out...

  5. Anonymous27 June, 2008

    Nana, you went through all the motions only to leave us with unanswered questions?

  6. Yes, Anon. Trying to give answers would have been arrogant and predictable, no? :-)

  7. worth pondering!

    and i guess just as the questions don't demand answers...the answers don't all come to mind anyway...else we would all be on cloud 9 without fail...

    very much worth pondering!
    glad for the effort!

    write on...and question more...

  8. The piece and the comments are altogether heavily philosphical for my elementary comprehension.

  9. One million questions coming up, Sir. Thanks, Novisi.

  10. Kiz, knowing you, and the structure of your present comment make me not believe in your supposed disability ;-)


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