Friday, May 9, 2008


I’ll wake up in a sunlit room
With breeze and curtain playing in my face
I’ll turn to see her sleeping smile
And how she wakes up so secure
I’ll hide a little note in her bag
And polish her shoes to a glint
Shampoo her hair or iron her dress
I’ll not mind doing these for her

I’ll call her in the afternoon
And tell her that a deal went through
And thank her for her great support
To celebrate, I’m picking her for lunch
Her friends will call and say she’s lucky
And mine will ask for success tips
I’ll ask her about her day so far
And tell her that I’m there for her

At night we’ll read a book together
And talk about themes and plots
I’ll tease a bit and praise a lot
She’ll smile and tell me her newest dreams
We’ll dance and play a song to us
And though the ground moves, we stand happily firm
We’ll laugh and part for a little time
To think alone and do other things

I’ll come to the room, she’s waiting for me
She winks at me and calls me her man
I’ll smile and feel the greatest joy of all
I’ll go to her and be her man
We’ll lie awake in the dark for a while
She’ll whisper and say she wants to talk
Good or bad, we’ll deal with it
And go to sleep on another beautiful day.


  1. what a great love

  2. MK, I wrote this sometime ago, when I still believed. Now my belief has matured in different (but still happy) direction.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you. Most reveries are :-)

  5. hmmmmmnnn

    nice celebration...
    apart from...reading a book together in the night...and lying awake in the dark for a while...
    i can still read the silent words in-between the lines that give more meaning to the night...

  6. What might these silent words be, my friend? I thought the poem said the whole story! ;-)


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