Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cars Run on Air in the City of Accra

A rapid waltz out of the languid urban safari into this five-minute haven. Beaming attendants wish wonderful weather on your way, and, sometimes, ask if you’d like your windscreen laved. Pointing to the digital counter with a good grace, they give the trigger a gentle squeeze, and the limp, hanging hose suddenly springs up into a stiff throbbing force.

Not a few drivers in the City of Accra carry the cathedral conviction that half of the tedious tugging and cha-cha chugging only ejaculates thin air into your petrol tank; that frenzied coming is all in vain :-))

You cough up your children’s future college fees for the rarefied air you dearly didn’t design to invest in, and unknowingly urge your still-hungry hybridised car forward into the gasoline-guzzling traffic again.


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    We all know, somehow, that this happens, and yet the regulators look the other way!

  2. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    well i don't know about cars running on air. what i do know is some stations have sort of adjusted their machines so you don't get your monies worth.i could name one such station but i won't.and David i see the undertones hidden in your
    writing :-) Kordai.

  3. Kordai, my name is Nana yaw :-). And I could also name a couple of petrol stations, I think. That's why you see people drive past so many (even on low gas) to get to a specific station.

  4. Kordai, there are 2 sets of undertones. Which did you see? :-)

  5. Anonymous08 May, 2008

    they are in the first and second paragraphs. am i right? let the discerning perceive........... Kordai


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