Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Magnet

The kaolin knees arrive steadfastly together. One delicate foot nestles neatly, and slightly raised, in the back of the soft, unwrinkled ankle. The well-bred, forward incline of the erect torso traces an exquisite, carnal zed with the oblique outlines of the taut thighs and the legato legs. Deadly delirium imminent :-)

It has been over-explored in a thousand spicy modes: the candid-camera crossing and unguarded uncrossing, in a miniskirt or kiddie dress, in a public place. That split second sweetly abases everything into the primal man-woman relationship. Wherever the gilt legs stir, the enchanted eyes engage, magnetised, every time :-)

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  1. Anonymous16 May, 2008

    Yes, i have seen it happen. i myself am a victim. whenever a woman makes to cross her legs in a room, the men's eyes involutarily follows the movement.


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