Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Modern Woman

My irresistible presence
Confounds you to mistakes
My immortal essence
Plagues your passions so

I burn into your soul
Hot like liquid fire
I’m etched onto your mind
It’s my physical pull on you

I am the modern woman


I am a free spirit
I walk with a song in my body
I talk in sweet melodious tones
I leave your mind and heart in a split

I am a free spirit
You cannot hold me
I’m too clever for that
You have nothing that I want
Except your true respect

I am the modern woman
I’m cool and confident
I’m smart, intelligent

I have my own big dreams
You want to rule me, you better walk on
Give me some respect, and we can be friends

I am the modern woman.


  1. Beautiful! You have just described me. I AM the modern woman (for better or worse...).

  2. one thing i like about poetry is the limitless space it gives the poet to reach whatever spheres or depths and assume whatever shapes or forms!

    write on!

  3. I agree Novisi, the endless elasticity of creation and meaning confounds my simple mind!


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