Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Birds Still Sing in the City of Accra

The Axolotl is a very pretty bird! It rules the skies of Accra and the Amazon. The Axolotl has amazing colours to take your breath away (but most Accrans are out of shape, anyway, these days). We will get to that some day soon. By the way, 'Accran' refers to a resident of Accra. You stress the first syllable (because I say so! Got a problem with that?)

False start. A false start is a satisfying prank. If the victim is really fooled, the inward pleasure is complete. I hope I have got you already. :)

The Axolotl will not be found in Accra. And it is not even a birdie! The Axolotl is a Mexican salamander. They eat it raw and cold, early in the morning. Gotcha again, I lied! :)

Everywhere you wake up in the City of Accra, the birds will sing in the morning. Not a boring one-chord song; in their whistled octaves, they explore the full rhythm range of rich African music. They tell us that, here, in the City of Accra, we have not done the worst to our environment.

But do you even hear them? Or are you too busy keeping up with the pace of life? Life has work, late nights out, television and the internet. But life also has you, the birds and the Axolotl. :)

Nothing makes you feel more alive at the thin-and-light end of the day than the song of the Accran sparrow. A delightful ditty, really, beating to an unseen clock, reminding all that life can still be beautiful.

Of course many an Accran may not see beauty in a venture that does not promise a deluge of GHCs at the end.

Humans live full and exciting lives; salamanders just eat flies!

I Can!!!


  1. hey nana yaw barima,
    nice opening and i enjoyed it. good to know you have not lost your pen in the wild hay fields of life in accra.
    hope to hear from u soon bro.

  2. Natasha Nylander17 March, 2008

    awww...great stuff David. You already know I think you're absolutely fab! Stay blessed xx

  3. try Accraian (pronounced AK-RAY-AN) kinda like Ghanaian.

    Liing your blog. Seriously, liking your blog.

  4. Thanks, Victoria. Accraian it is, then. You get a mention next time Accraian makes a cameo. Thank you.


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