Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why the Free Night-time Calls will not be Extended

An old connection re-engaged with me at 4 a.m. because the link was free. Let us call her Bad News.

It was totally impolite of Bad News to call at Spirit Hour, right? I might have got hitched. I might have just gone to (my hard) bed (or is it gone to bed, hard?). I might have been with present connection (let us call her Sweet Entry). Had I been sleeping since midnight, it would still have been rude to call me, then, in residential Accra, where we sleep quite early.

Even my sweet Sweet Entry makes her many pleasant ingresses, in person or on the phone, between first light and the witching hour. So, we can all agree that I must have been right in jilting Bad News three girlfriends ago, no matter how I did it.

It is just plain wrong to read your manners wrongly, and call people up in the small hours of the morning, right?


Let us think a about it a little. We work in the day and sleep (two-legged, four-legged or multi-legged) at night. Hee hee. But we all came to meet this rule. A rule set, perhaps, by the first humans to begin to reckon time.

I choose to defy this rule of society for two simple reasons. First, I do not wish to comply with it. Secondly, this remote ancestor could not have known, better than me, what is good for me today.

So, I will not be calling you at Spirit Hour, no! But you are welcome (in fact, I encourage you) to keep my phone busy at that time. I will have no complaints, and I will pick up every call.

If you have missed the obvious question, then I will ask it for you: if I am not bothered about the late phone calls, then what am I griping about? Answer: I would rather not be called, at any time at all, by Bad News.

And I know why other companies do not follow the telephone-company example, and give away free goods and services at Spirit Hour.

You know I would be proved right about silly societal rules. People would not sleep at night. They would be queuing up at 3 a.m. for free chicken at Papaye and free microwave ovens at Game.

I Can!!!


  1. you reckon, chicken from paye at 3am no, a microwave , maybe.

  2. Bad news is back to haunt very afraid!!!!!!!!!


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