Monday, March 17, 2008

Where Have All the Miniskirts Gone?

In the legscape of the city of Accra, the miniskirt is fast fading away! Its boring big sister (the skirt) is making less appearances. Its equally ravishing cousin (the minidress) is now oh so shy.

Popularised (some say invented) by Mary Quant, a British designer, in Swinging London in the sixties, this organised strip of fabric is accused of scandal, corruptive influence, car crashes and every bad thing in between.

It is, properly, a delightfully skyward wrap, whose hemline (when conservative) is eight inches above knee level. It is sometimes better measured in mere inches below (sea level?) No, below the crotch fork :)

I have said it all my life, and it will bear repetition. Along with the internet and the mobile phone, the miniskirt was the most intriguing invention of the twentieth century. Three powerful modes of instant communication :). And deep in our hearts, we all know which one has the biggest impact.

A poor young woman was sexually assaulted recently in Johannesburg for daring to wear a miniskirt. Her assailants skirted GOOD SOCIAL RULES about consent. Nwabisa Ncgukana gets a mention in my heroes section this week for going back with others to tell the demented taxi drivers what we all think of them.

The Accra weather is hot. The miniskirt is ideal for the heat. The miniskirt is comfortable to wear in the heat (or have I been lied to?) Ergo, the miniskirt is perfect for Accra! So, where have all the miniskirts gone? Accra is sweltering these days. Everywhere you go, the pair of trousers rules.I guess it is each to their own.

Well, then, my own is to wonder if people have privacy issues. Or are we short of graceful legs? Maybe the staple diet denies the chance to be body beautiful. A tight pair of ... anything, really (but the miniskirt) can round off just about any knobs or flabs or handles :)

Where have all the miniskirts gone? We must stop constructing the city centre pavements in protest. What is the canvas without the paint?

I Can!!!


  1. i think mini skirts are still in vogue u just have to be at the right place to see them.

  2. And where, pray tell, might be the right place(s)?

  3. my room!

  4. Have you seen the hairy legs that would potentially carrying those skirts? I think we should count ourselves lucky.

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  5. Truly spoken same scenario happens in lagos too but we must have some caveats. If a lady has scab covered legs or black marks all over her legs she must not wear a mini skirt because it would be a criminal act on her part to do so. If she has hairy legs same result.If the girl is very fat she MUST NOT WEAR A MINI SKIRT. Nice article

  6. Thank you, Anon from Lagos :). Thank you for the comparative analysis from the city of Lagos.

  7. quick solution to hairy legs, waxing, it works every time

  8. Come to Sakumono Ontherun on friday night and see!

    kenkey legs in mini skirt...(Akwele tse)

  9. On the Run on Friday, it is, then. Shall I bring my camera along? :)

  10. The male species, i believe, have a love-hate relationship with mini skirts... In one breath they seek an injunction to prevent me from wearing mine, and in the next they pant after me asking when next I'm wearing it. And where do these conversations take place, you may ask?... In the library!

  11. If you're drawing them to the library, Iris, consider it your little contribution to the education of men. :)


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