Friday, June 10, 2011

Hearse-Racing in the City of Accra

What irreconcilable irony! I was creeping down the Independence Avenue at high noon, when a packed trotro whiz-zigzagged through the traffic and shot past adrift of me. A jet-black Mercedes hearse ‘deathed’ past at full-hell speed in the other lane. Its casket chamber was empty and hungry for a body or two. A trotro kamikaze-racing a hearse in thick traffic – how do you think this curtains will drop on this scene? I suggest a full hearse.


  1. what I never understand is people racing on their way to a funeral. It's amazing how often you see cars packed to overflowing with people hanging out windows and doors.

    Do they not see the correlation between the event they are attending and where they may ultimately end up?

  2. The trotro driver would find himself in the hearse.

    On the the hand, the other time the IGP (or someone close to such a position) talked about the abuse of horns and sirens by both authorised and unauthorised users. I guess the Hearse belongs to the latter.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu12 June, 2011

    Sad! All those licenced but untrained drivers....or killers drivers?


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