Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grooming with Horse Powder in the City of Accra

Office mate and I went to the barber’s. On his countertop was a big powder container. It had the picture of a horse on it and was labelled in Turkish. Were we wrong to allege that he was using horse powder for humans? After all, powder usually has the picture of a human baby or woman on it, no? And the container was so big, it had to be for 'stable' use.


  1. hahaha... humans must really dig this horse stuff - well, we already don the horsehair wigs, so what's a little horse-powdering to touch-up!

  2. Barber probably only uses it when Stallions come in for grooming.

  3. lol... probably. Reason Standard Boards want labels to be in English. Who knows...

  4. By any chance did it say .....Atlar için Pudra? Hehehehe

  5. Anonymous09 June, 2011

    Just as a precaution, you and your friend should watch out for charging mares for the rest of the week.

    GH is just too much...hahahha

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu09 June, 2011

    Could be true for all you know! lol


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