Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool? Remember Wilkinson & Downton

1890s England. A regular at a public house told the owner’s wife that her husband had been seriously injured in an accident and was lying in a ditch with broken bones at Leytonstone. He asked her to bring 2 pillows and a cab to take her battered husband home. It was untrue, and he was only playing a practical joke on her.

The harrowing news however caused a violent shock to the woman’s nervous system, causing her to wretch and her hair to turn white. She suffered other forms of permanent injury and incapacity including mental distress. Her husband was put through expense trying to restore her health.

Her husband sued the juvenile joker in court for damages, and the court held that the fool who thought he had jokes was liable to pay damages for his wilful lies which had injured the poor woman.

Play your pranks with care on All Fool's Day and every other day.


  1. Its good to have a laugh, but in the process of doing so, regurgitating what NY asiedu just said above: never try anything too extreme or outrageous on others. Outrageous being anything on the extreme side and thus causing psycological harm to another. Play ur pranks with a lot of care and avoid inflicting actual harm on your "neighbour".

    Interesting post NY asiedu. Hopefully "we" are all reading and learning.

  2. Forgive this if you can NY, be assured that it comes only as an obeservation and intended as nothing but - and I'm certain you've heard it before - but a countenance such as yours is somewhat misplaced on a man.

    Surely it might have been better utilized on a woman.


  3. Shoot, I just re-read my comment and it sounds really terrible! I wish I could take it back now.

    Some thoughts are best left in one's head. Please ignore above comments. I really do love your blog!

  4. Fair comments are free and should not be punished. We're cool, Marie. Thanks for loving my blog.

  5. Just for a second a thought of what life would be without courts and 'damages' and suing and guilty and not guilty.....brrrrr, that would certainly be a jungle, but you know, we those who can't live without humor will keep on getting our laughs, anyway we can, so help us God :)

  6. I believe pranks should have limits indeed. Happy April to you.

  7. kill joy!

  8. I mean spoilsport.
    Not kill joy. I love Joy.

  9. yep Yep pranks gotta have limits...


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