Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fire Burn Your Arse

One night, a group of boisterous youth blows up a blazing bonfire in a grassy glade. They gym-jump over it to prove brazen bravado. Opana is one of them. He’s forgotten that he’s plugged his infirm derriere with a thick tuft of cotton wool. He leaps over the flame, and a flint catches his pants. A flare eats the wool up Opana's sorry arse.

He who lives in a glass house... 


  1. Whaaaaaaat? Loooooooool!

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu31 March, 2011


  3. Opana's arse on fire. Hmmm. should i have it for steak or throw it to the dogs? (I ain't a cannibal):)

  4. I bet Opana must have been thinking "pants! all that palaver only to have me arse on fire" He still did prove a point tho: popular Opnana, at least he'll have the ashes from his burning bottom littered at the site to prove "Opana woz ere som"


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