Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Shame on the Streets of Accra & Other Cities

Wondering how anybody who has hogged any vague vestige of political power in paralytic Ghana at any time over the past 20 yawning years can dandy-drive through the city streets and fail to feel like a spectacular success at nothing.


  1. Actually, it is quite easy to pretend success at something by ignoring the fact that it has no overall effect; like dropping a pin in the ocean.

  2. they have no shame...
    It's also the international media, Ghana gets such a good rap for political stability, that we all walk around patting ourselves on the back, despite the sordid reminders of failure in our cities.

  3. Their sight rests not farther than the borderline of their paunch. I can swear on that. Their success is measured by how many houses they built during their reign; how many cars they purchased; how often they travelled; how many children have they schooled abroad. It's all in the variables that determine their success and none societal or communal in nature. We have been transformed from communalistic beings, having affection for the other as we have for our own to greedy individualistic beings whose thoughts move in tandem with the grumbles in their own bellies.

  4. i think your line should also have read as 'parasitic sickening Ghana' Kai!

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu06 March, 2011

    As in some areas, the rich and the poor cheek by jowl, I have always wondered if any thief amongst the rich, could look into the face of those poor without feeling some pangs of guilt. Especially if that thief worked in the Education Ministry, and he stole from funds supposed to provide schooling for the poor neighbour's children.


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