Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Medofo Pa

Oh Kojo Antwi, you made me cry this morning. In the thick traffic panic, I was seized by your poetry; emotions got clogged, eyes let go, as I sang along with a quivering voice.

Se ofiri adwuma eeba’a, mede amirika n’ebeko akohyia no, na ma ye no awawa tuu. Odo yewu w’aba aa tenase, na me nhwe w’aniwamamu, eno n’ema me awerekyekyere, me hu wo aa na me no ete me, ah odo yewu ee.

Dayum, I’m smitten.

Odo ni ho aa, medaa enda ... Odo ni ho aa, eni nsuo nkoaa ...


  1. my dad's fave song ever! hehe... The lyrics give me the warm fuzzies too! so beautifully written :)

  2. I love Kojo, ahhh, Kojo's music. :)


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