Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Litterer Learns

A little girl stood at the edge of the road, holding her father’s hand. Her brother sat on a high bench behind them. It was 7 am, and she was eating from a polythene bag. When she was done, she sneaked her hand behind her. I imagined what she was about to do. As it turned out, her father guessed too. She dropped the bag on the ground. Quick as lightning, her father rapped her on the head. It was a healthy, disciplinary clobbering delivered through her ‘fro. He scolded her and asked her to ‘pick it up’. That was a happy morning for me.


  1. Oooooh I would feel sorry for her if she hadn't been dropping it behind her. Clearly, she knew she was wrong to do that. Good on dad for disciplining his child although, I think heads should be avoided :)

  2. Definitely glad he disciplined her, but I would have felt better if he rapped her on her bottom, instead of on her head.

  3. Nice one Daddy!

    (I got smacked upside the head a few times & it worked wonders for me. Didn't like it, so I worked harder at not getting caught chopping bad.
    Different strokes for different folks.)

  4. That's a responsible parent

  5. A good wack on the head reorganises the brains! ;-)


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