Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sexuality in Football

African Women’s Football Championships. Equatorial Guinea quashes the Queens from Ghana. The Queens (beaten black-and-blue) impute titanic testosterone levels to ‘at least 3 members’ of the other team. You’d imagine they were ‘boobless’, pas-derriere, knobbly-kneed, square-jawed and slightly-too-smelly, marauding male beasts in the park.

I like women. I wish I could play with them all the time. Football, wrestling, swimming, rugby, badmingling – sorry badminton :-) - whatever. Equality. So 3 ’hangers’ featured in a game meant for ‘gapers’. Is that a problem? I’m not saying it wasn’t. Was that cheating? I am not saying it wasn’t. But I am not saying it was, either. I’m just wishing we could all play together.

Sexuality is insincere; a dubious construct. It’s just bodies. You brush against a part of mine, I rub against yours. The way the animals do. It’s nothing. We’re just playing. Bonding. Groping. Socializing. If we don’t elevate sexuality, then everything is fair game. It’s just bodies. Petty,  physical things.


  1. do u mean SEX ie Male and Female ...cos i dont really get the conestion with football and sexuality ....

  2. Sexuality is different from Gender.

  3. yes ,i knw sexuality is different from gender ...but the sexuality he means in connection with football dont seems clear to me ...

  4. In the tradition of Anti-Rhythm, I started the post on the true story of some teams at the African Women's Championships complaining about the gender of the Equatorial Guinea team - it is claimed that there are at least 3 men in the team.

    Then, I moved on into an 'anti-rhythm' discussion. The prevailing thing (the Rhythm) is that men and women generally don't play sport together (except maybe a few like the mixed doubles in tennis, and some equestrian sports, I think). My silly suggestion (the Anti-Rhythm) is that we should play sports together, including contact sports. Our physical differences and ideas about what men and women can decently do together should not cloud issues.

    Finally, you will not find find this in the OED but google research says sexuality and gender overlap. Sexuality includes gender, orientation, feelings, self-image, liberalism/conservatism, etc.

  5. thanks for ckearing the the air nana..and by the way it was my first time reading ur blog ,,and nice the good works u doing here ..keep it up ...

  6. I disagree with you about men and women mixing up for contact sports. I can just imagine the distractions; deliberate pushes, elbow crushes, accidental grabs :) and the like.

    Anything else is game.


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