Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prostitutes Don’t Have Friends

At wooded Cantonments in the City of Accra, near the landmark post office, I coasted round her wide-curve hips and on my friendless homeward route. I could not stop to enjoy her because she sold her time and curves. Social rules lie that she cannot be my friend.


  1. What's the definition for prostitute these days? Cuz I could swear that while I was in uni,I knew several and am still friends with them now. When did the lines blur so it was more respectful to be a mistress than a street walker? To me, either ways, you're giving it up for money or some other worldly good.

    And what's it say about women who get married simply to get off the streets or to keep themselves in the status level they're accustomed to or wish to attain, hmm?

    Dude, chances are you're already friends with one and simply do not know it yet. Next time, talk to her and make it clear you just want to be friends. If she laughs at you and tells you to bugger off, well you tried. Screw society and make a positive difference. If Jesus Christ could walk in their midst, then why can't you?

    Sorry for the rant. I'm in a tizzy today for some reason :(

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu15 October, 2010

    @ worries...just like there are poor doctors, lawyers, etc and rich doctors, lawyers,etc so are there poor prostitutes and rich and very well educated prostitutes who warm the beds ministers, etc. We are all friends with them unknowingly. lol. friendly with anyone...who knows, even if not marriage, you could make a very positive impact on the person's life. Thus helping her and her probable family.

  3. Everyone needs a friend no matter the job they find themselves in.
    If you are a friend to a 'prostitute', a paying one or not, society will judge your good intentions or lack thereof. It just so happens that people judge harshly.

    @Daixy: Totally. Still friends with them too. :)

  4. @ Graham, I like me too!! (lol cheeky aren't I?)

    @ Kwame, I seem to remember a bible story where a prophet was told by God to marry a prostitute (Was it Isiah?) Anywho, they had their ups and downs but persevered.

    @ Tetekai, I think it's inevitable that we'll ALWAYS have friends who fall into that category. C'est la vie

    @ Nya Nya, sorry oh, as always, I've bulldozed in here and demanded all the attention ;) You're allowed to smack me when you see me next (makes a point to avoid you now lol)


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