Friday, October 15, 2010

My 10 Little Sins

Plinky asked me to list 10 things that made me happy. It took so long (and was so hard) to go beyond 3. I must have a sad life. Can you get 10? Here are mine below.

Lil Girl
Because she's good for me and understands me more than anybody else.

Because it is my conduit to my soul.

Being a Lawyer
Because it's made me come to know how society really works (and I can even break some of the rules safely).

Because she gets me around easily and, let's face it, she is sooooo fine!

Because it's practice for writing and has brought me so many friends.

Court Rooms
Because of the witty battles and the permitted aggression.

Cuerpo de Mujer
Well Pablo Neruda said it all:

Body of woman, white hills, white thighs,

you look yourself like a world in your attitude of surrender.

My rough peasant's body digs in you

and makes the son leap from the depths of the earth.

Because when you understand it, you understand life.

Well, swimming, dance and sex are 3 manifestations of the same passion! (And wherever there's a pool, there's always a flirt!)

It releases that thing with that big scientific name that makes us light in the head and feel good about ourselves.

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  1. Okay here is mine:

    1. Writing (poetry/short stories): Just love it especially when some knotty point gets expressed;

    2. Reading: I just love reading that's why I keep a blog to promote African Literature, though I read a lot of things.

    3. Book Discussion: Nothing make me go 'nuts' than discussing a book

    4. Coming home to meet my wife (explanation???)

    5. Meeting like-minded people

    6. Data Analyses

    7. Coming across a long-sought after book!!!!




  2. This is kinda funny David. I dont think you hit the 10 mark, you just made some distinctions to make sure you got the 10....maybe it is true you have a sad life.

    I would put 'blogging', 'poetry' and 'writing' all under one. I would also put 'being a lawyer' and 'court room' under one. That makes your list 7! ------> Sad Life indeed!

  3. Mmmm. Here goes, in no order of importance or relevance,
    1. My faith: Because it has taught me many things and made me question.

    2. Chocolates: they are sinfully delicious (okay maybe i shouldn't have added sinfully.)

    3. 3: The number three(3) because i have a thing about odd numbers especially 3, but same can be said for unique voices.

    4. Breaking things: Oh not physical things, i mean breaking things down to the barest of meanings.

    5. Data analysis(same as Nana Fredua-Agyeman)

    6. Music: of any kind depending on my mood.

    7. Writing immediately an idea comes to me and it is so brilliant.

    8. Discovering new and exciting things and introducing people to it, just so they experience it too.

    9. Good service: in whichever form.

    10. Unique things/people/activities/weird stuff.

  4. 1. My kids: Even though I want to give the little monkeys away sometimes, I shudder to think of what life would be like without them, headaches and all.

    2. Maanaa: because moms are supposed to make you happy. And she accepts me for what I am - Ms. Imperfect.

    3. Koobi (salted fish): Cos its fish meant for the rich and becos I'm so broke most of the time, it makes me feel rich!

    4. Books: Cos it helps me escape from life's drudgery and because I believe reading has contributed immensely to where i am in life right now.

    5. Travelling cos I find that the best sleep I ever have is in planes, trains and cars

    Can't think of anything else. Of course if you'd asked me to gripe I'd have a list as long as from accra to sydney!

  5. @ NFA:
    Yes, reading is deffo the core of your life!

    @ Edward:
    I disagree Sir. You, yourself may serve to show that Blogging, poetry and writing are NOT the same thing. Certainly not blogging and poetry...and writing has wide, wide genres!
    And most lawyers DO NOT go to court. Trial lawyers are a big minority. Most lawyers are general counsel, transaction lawyers or non-practitioners. So 'lawyer' and 'courtroom' are not the same. But I agree - my life is sad!

    @ Tetekai:
    So what is it about voices for you like that?

    @ Anon:
    Yes, gripe lists are usually longer!

  6. Nice lists, well expressed too. I am addicted to the internet, God help

  7. @Nana Yaw: The music underlying the voice; not every voice has that quality.


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