Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skunks on the Loose

You’re in a crowded place, like on a bus, and the hygiene’s dysfunctional for some of the people around you. Did they not realise at home? Skunks are not repulsed by their own scandalous scent. Maybe humans are the same. They should leave the skunk at home.


  1. For some it is an illness, or they are not aware, don't care and still others think it is a turn-on (what ever gave them that idea!).
    The skunks should stay at home or get some help.

  2. lol. Something I nearly facebooked today.

  3. The skunks NEVER stay home, the mates on the troski are the worse offenders, woe be onto you, when he stretches his arm above your head to collect bus fare from the person behind, i felt faint the last time this happened lol...

  4. Yes, had a skunky mate this evening! Hmmm acid rain!

  5. Do some people forget to use deodorants? Or do they have sinus problems that prevents them from realising the hell they are putting those around them through?
    I shared an experience I had on my blog. You can check it out.

    @ lucci: Felt faint? I developed a cold and couldn't speak audibly for three days.

    @ tetekai: A turn on? Are u kidding me?

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu09 September, 2010

    One cann't smell their own permanent odour, NY. Unfortunately.


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