Saturday, September 4, 2010

Claiming Accra

So, what's in all these names?
The national arena of games
Was first named after Accra
Then renamed for a sports Czar

It was claimed he was not from Accra
So the name-change was a scar
The mayor penned a daring decree
Reverse the name did he!

It happened in the capital
A city no longer ‘local’
Can the group which came here first
Make us bend to its will, coerced?


  1. The Ohene Djan stadium's name has been changed? Wow, I'm really out of the loop. This is really disappointing since the capital really does belong to all Ghanaians. Isn't that the definition of a capital? Besides, if Ohene Djan was an illustrious son of the land, I can't see the reason why the stadium name would have to be from Accra. This is a really bad precedent. So if the capital was moved to Kintampo, names of places/building monuments should only be named after the illustrious sons and daughters of Bono/Ahafo?

  2. They should have NEVER changed Accra Sports Stadium in the first place. Why did they change it in 2004? I think Accra Sports Stadium is more appropriate than ohene djan stadium. I fully support the name change.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu06 September, 2010

    Politricks. Well....long will it continue, unfortunately. What next....Baba Yara? KNUST? Kotoka Int'l Airport? Jubilee House? Ridiculous.

  4. There is something so very wrong about our people. I totally agree with Abena. It's the capital of Ghana and as such we're not obliged to name every monument in the city after someone from Accra.

    That said, the stadium did have a name before 2004. And perhaps should not have been changed (remember what they did to the Sankara circle? A Burkinabe friend of mine was so hurt when he visited Accra and found it no longer existed). I just hate the way these things change every time we change power. Should the NDC change the name from Ako Adjei interchange back to Captain Sankara? Grr.

    There are times when we just have to let go and let live. Ohene Gyan was a treasure to sporting in Ghana. He deserves to be honoured for the hard work he put into making Ghanaian sports what it is today. Why take away that honour? And are you going to name some other sports stadium after him? I suggest the New UG stadium. If the nation can't honour him, surely our academicians can.


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