Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Guy with Soft, Curly Hair

I remember a glamorous girl that I laughed and flirted with a long time ago. She figured she fancied guys with soft and curly (Dada B) hair. Her defence was it was for the benefit of her children. So, it must be true that beyond the physical appetite, what strain of genes to pass on to the offspring is subconsciously at play, when a female selects her mate. My friend was mentally swift, and clearly conceived she had enough of the grey matter to pass on. She just desired a man with body muscle and luxuriant locks!


  1. Yep! Knew a young lady with same interest. But hers was on her wish list. She said hair care would be easier if she had a girl.

  2. Apparently women are very selective when choosing sperm donors at the clinic. Looks and intelligence were definitely important but evidence suggest the women were also looking for donors who were just nice people.
    Interestingly, the most common reason I hear from women in Ghana for marrying a white is to have "half-cast" babies! Unpick all the assumptions in that one!


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