Friday, September 17, 2010

Closet Kung Fu*

Sin #1: Goes to the loo with his cell phone.

Sin #2: Doesn't switch it off or make it mute.

Sin #3: Fails to realise there's an office mate in there.

Sin #4: Begins to grunt and heave to announce the dislodging.

Sin #5: A call comes through while he's pushing and panting.

Sin #6: Dares to pick the call mid-push, as his voice floats out the cubicle.

Sin #7: Through mouth and nose he yells, “Heee-aaaaaaaah, heh-lloooo.”

Sin #8: Denies it was his voice; says it was the ring tone!

*Forgive me, it's Silly Friday.


  1. It's funny... got me laughing. Ringing tone indeed

  2. Funny. Cant deny that tone.
    I have this fear of my phone falling on a public bathroom floor or worse, in the WC. That alone is enough reason for me to not reach for my phone whilst in there.

  3. All I can do is ROFL and pretend that I don't take my phone to the bathroom at work, or my laptop to the one at home. Addiction to technology.....tsk tsk


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