Monday, August 2, 2010

Hiplife Video Vixens in the City of Accra

As far as Hiplife goes, I shine up to the songs that I do before I see the videos. It is not a statement on quality, though I don’t think mighty much of them. It’s about the video vixens. They seem to need to wear minimal clothes to bump, grind and gyrate their boiling bodies. Is there only one way of dancing to Hiplife? Is it not an art form that must develop, innovate and reinvent itself all the time? And Hiplife naturally thrives on immediacy and present-pulse. It reflects what is happening today, right now, at this very moment! Then it fast fizzles out and returns revealed in different sizzling styles. That’s the thrill of our Hiplife. So if Hiplife means all that’s cool, en vogue, stylish and ‘now’, you really have no effing excuse wearing out-of-vogue-and-never-returning, ugly-in-itself-God-what-was-the-tailor-thinking fashion simply because it helps us to delicious 'dishings' of your delightful desserts.


  1. Dayum Nana! You said enough for the both of us lol. But I do wonder....what on earth brought this on? :P

  2. NY, sex sells and that's the base for all hiplife videos. Same shit, different day_ excuse my french.

  3. Stilll stringing your allis eh? vixens are same everywhere.

  4. Ouch! That was tight!"out-of-vogue-and-never-returning, ugly-in-itself-God-what-was-the-tailor-thinking fashion". Lol! Nana Yaw, did you just see a music video that was too much?

    Anyway, like Myne said, video vixens are the same everywhere (very few exceptions exist), and I have to agree with lucci's point. Thing is, though Ghanains hate to admit it. They love to see these things. Sex really sells..

  5. LOL! You're so good with words, you! But I'm not too sure if I can agree on the "delightful deserts" bit (ie unless you're being sarcastic)...More than half of these 'delicious damsels' are overweight, old, have more cellulite than is legal, cannot dance to save their lives, and are satisfied with their all-round 'mediocrity'. *sigh* smh

  6. I am thinking you have a back door to my mind. lol.
    I always lament about the music videos to some hiplife music. Who produces those videos? Equal dedication, to the recording of some of the nice hiplife music, is not given to the making of its music video. It is so annoying and it does not make you look forward to seeing hiplife music videos. The videos are made up of half-naked eighteen and above year-olds shaking their butts and I have noticed the use of kids in some of these videos too!
    I hope some producers are reading this post.

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  8. right now i feel like playing in the videos with the girls. That's what i get from reading this. lol.

    i'm not a big fan of the most of the hiplife but i'm in full support of the nakedness. really nothing much has changed apart from the girls now wearing silk and cotton etc as against the rafia fibre which were used in the past while music was made from bamboo trunks and waits gyrated under baobad trees to the sheer delight of both men and women.
    i just love it as it is as it was in the beginning. lol.

  9. Daixy:
    I watched a shocking hiplife vidoe. I think I saw 10 whale tails and 20 upskirts, 30 downblouses and a nip slip.

    Same shit, different day is great French!

    Yes ma'am, I'm hooked on allis!

    At one level, I like to see them. At another, I want to see changes in the artform (dancing).

    Lol. Yeah, I have the back door to your mind. I kind of like the butt-shaking though, so long at it's in the clothes. Lol.

    Wouldn't you say that raffia can be thick and protective enough? Were you seeing whale tails through/above the raffia? Lol


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