Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whaaaat! No More Hot Fork on the Streets?

It’s said the Ministry of Information has “banned” the sale of movies rated X in Ghana. I do not know when such movies were ever legal. So I do not know if the Ministry is now saying it has created a new law. Further, doesn’t the ‘Ministry’ know that it does not have any power to make laws? I am all for enforcing the laws against obscenity, but I wonder if we will win against the market forces.


  1. Should the 'old' law be enforced, there will be no need for a 'new' law. But even with that where there is a will, people will definitely find a way to get access to obscenity.

  2. tetekai has hit the crux of the matter.

  3. i'm against any law that prevents obscenity defined as public exposure of nudity or sexual act. define it as theft of the tax payers money and i'd be for it.

    i mean if i find it obscene that my neighbours' goats have sex in the open, would the ministry or 'whichever-ry' enact or enforce any law to make sure i'm not entertained to such goatee escapades.

    really, i consider this just another chase of shadows. why not bring in sharia law to stop the women from showing their faces since if I feel like it (yes it's a feeling!) I could consider the exposure of a well oiled lips of a woman very obscene??????

    to me, it's rather obscene to try to prevent people from displaying their nudity in public if they so wish. even the movie of the story of Jesus Christ shows a good 'chunk' of 'Chrit's' nudity. many of the images of 'christ' portray him as almost nude and yet people feel proud wearing those and the ministry have no problem with that.

    the ministry is engaging in a needless and indeed an insulting exercise.

  4. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Any culture needs to define its limits in a changing world. But a government ministry attempting to ban films?
    I would be more concerned about nudity on the front of newspapers. These I have no choice whether I see them as they are openly displayed. But as an adult I do expect to choose the films I watch. I don't expect another adult to be making the decisions for me particularly when based on their own rather limited view of obscenity.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu07 July, 2010

    Who is going to enforce this new/old law, since all the other more easily enforceable laws are not enforced? Basically improve the education system so more of the youth are gainfully engaged and also provide employment. Working, focused people won't have time pornography, i believe. But then if anybody wants to watch porn, nothing can stop them. Ask the Saudis and Iranians!

  6. Tetekai:
    Access to obscenity? Wouldn't a thing be called obscene because it is seen by people who are outraged? So if it is sold 'on the quiet' and onl its patrons buy it, would it still be obscenity? i stand in my two shoes and wonder...lol

    I guess so, but I remain in my two shoes and wonder about the 'access to obscenity' bit.

    See what my wondering has caused? Novisi thinks it's obscene to stop somebody from getting access to the porn they need to live! Lol.

    Now that is about how I truly feel about it too. Confession: the first time I saw porn, it shocked me. Then, it did not. Then, I was curious. Now, after all this while, I may not even notice it. IT IS COMMONPLACE.

    Kwame Mensa-Bonsu:
    Yes, I agree. If anybody wants to watch porn, nothing can stop them!


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