Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dog Bites, Man Bites, Bosoms and Laps

Have you heard of a dog being treated for a man bite? Well, a colleague at work swears that in the movie Escape from Sobibor, a man interned at the concentration camp lay his teeth into the hinds of a prison dog set on him to prevent his escape. Ha ha ha ha ha! Otwiara Kose.

Another colleague, a buxom woman, pointed to her (lovely) lap as she referred to her bosom. She’d thought all her life that lap and bosom meant the same thing. Ebei, can’t a man do some serious work in peace. My sides are splitting from the laughter. It’s Silly Tuesday.


  1. Please let me know what school this literate(?) colleague went to so I know to never ever send anyone I know there, lol! Lap? Bosom? How?

  2. She thought bosom meant thighs? Seriously? LOL...

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu08 July, 2010

    Maybe they've merged?

  4. Nelson Akondo08 July, 2010

    Please don't tell me our Boxum lady is who i think it is?

  5. Maya Mame:
    I understand your position, but I reckon that, personally, school contributed only about 30-40% of my understanding of language and how it works. I guess I am saying blame them and not their school. Especially when they admit they have heard the word since childhood. I have found out that people hate to look in dictionaries. They would rather wait another 20 minutes and ask another person the meaning of a word. Why?

    I am not making this up, Myne, she thought 'bosom' meant 'the lap'. And her roommates thought it meant abdomen!

    I guess one's sitting posture could merge them...

    You betcha!

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu10 July, 2010

    Extreme buxomness can do that too. lolz! Her roommate too? limited vocabs all round!


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