Friday, July 16, 2010

My Best Friend's Ghanaian Marriage

If, out of character, I have been away from this space, it is all for good reason. My main man is getting married, and I am his best man. He's actually getting married twice as we do in Ghana. The first marriage, today, (the Ghanaian marriage) is what Ghanaians unknowingly call the 'Engagement'. The white wedding comes tomorrow. Preparing for the 'Engagement' was such fun. Not so much the running around as how all the women (the bride's friends, sisters, cousins, neighbours, etc come together to cook for over one hundred guests. While the men clean the compound, install canopies and arrange the chairs. I will serialise different parts of this spectacle, but I have to go help the groom now.

P.s. I take no responsibility for anything strange I may have written up there. I am not in my usual state of sobriety.


  1. Sometimes the preparations stage is even more fun than the marriage ceremony itself!

    "... what Ghanaians unknowingly call the 'Engagement'". Very well said. It's time we internalized that Ghanaian marriage ceremonies are actual, legitimate marriages.

  2. Ohh..congrats to your friend and his wife and I wish them a great marriage

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu17 July, 2010

    Wish our people's EYES will open, NY! Calling marriage...African Style...engagement...not even countenancing the "Knocking"...which IS engagement! As you say having two marriage ceremonies at great cost. Duplication if there ever was one. Before you ask, i'm not guilty.

  4. Anonymous18 July, 2010

    :O Sloshed before the wedding, Nana? AWESOME!!


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