Monday, July 12, 2010

The Economics of Football

I gape at the Beautiful Game: is one successful African footballer not more beneficial to his community than a highbrow hat trick of doctors or teachers or politicians? I may take out teachers because they give a golden gift and (together with doctors) they deal direct benefits. The ball juggler’s jewels, however, glitter indirectly, and are somewhat sentimental, but he regularly remits, right?


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu13 July, 2010

    Politicians are only useful if they are thinkers and doers. If they are eaters, as it happens usually, then they are cancerous, basically. Footballers, however successful, actually lift people out of poverty...good on them.

  2. Well maybe in a way that only benefits his family. These dudes have a way of evading commission on remittances. Did you hear NY, they don't wanna pay taxes on their bonuses oh, a whole GFA. What examples are they setting for the enterprises?

  3. the beautiful game is a moneybagging game now. and with the remitting aspect I have a problem. the GFA refused to, initially, state the amount they were paying as bonuses because, according to them--if it is true-- the players don't want their family members to know, lest they begin to worry them. and I also heard that they are not suppose to pay Taxes because Ghana has a double taxation agreement with SA. What about the US$20,000 they were given by the govt. Funny....


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