Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tyre-Mending in Accra

On a rainy evening on a public holiday, I was just zooming off from work to wolf a pizza. It was already ordered. Ah-woooo! Phhst, a tack retired one of my tyres! I’d fixed that same one the week before. The rubbish tyre men had looked thick and bungling. But it was in the middle of the Devil’s ass – I couldn’t pick and choose. They’d applied super glue instead of rubber glue and a little common sense. So I stood glued in 'Mud Acre' while proper tyre hands did over the punctured pneumatic. It’s just like that, no? So many Accraians only pretend competence.


  1. too true, dat! Hope all is well with the poor tyre now!;-)

  2. True of Accraians and everyone who is just learning a trade to make a buck. Wonderful imaginary.

  3. I hope these ones are better.

  4. @ Emmanuel: All 4 changed. Don't the streets eat up the tyres in Ghana?

    @ Lyrix: Thanks for the compliment. Thanks for agreeing with my accusation.

    @ Myne: The old were good too, but the streets commit carnage on them.


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