Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mine is Bigger than Yours

I was lapping up this delicious little book on how to be “seriously good” in court. It had only three hundred pages. At an office, I met an older lawyer who looked inches impressed. He said he had a book of his own to show me ... and onlookers. He lumbered off and returned in a minute with a one-foot-thick titanic tome on the same topic! At that moment, I wanted to drop my trousers to see what he’d do next.


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu05 May, 2010

    lol. Typical males!!

  2. Rofl showdown in little Tokyo. I want front row seats lol

  3. @Lucci - I thought I was the only one who says 'showdown in little Tokyo,'hehe.

  4. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    Aww man! I should have been there. Would have sold tickets and everything lol

  5. @Lucci: I will be joining you. @Daixy: True. @Nana Yaw: Wonderfully put as usual.

  6. @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: What's a boy to do when an old man wants to play a toddlers' game? Lol.

    @ Lucci: Erm, I get into showdowns all the time. Would you like season tickets?

    @ Daixy: I will upload my entire schedule to you, then. ;-)

    @ Yngvild: ;-)

    @ Lyrix: Thanks and as you wish.

  7. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    *waits for schedule in email* Don't dare me man rofl


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