Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ridge, Accra’s Most Beautiful

Accra’s Most Beautiful is royal, romantic Ridge. It’s not the eerie equilibrium eddying between the quaint colonial-esque concrete cloisters and the modern, steel-and-glass split-levels and skywards, no! It is the towering, titan trees! Neems, Mahoganies, What’s-their-names. They stand sentry, elegantly, on the street-sides and dominate even brick-and-stone. That’s how Accra was meant to strike a pose.


  1. I would have broken your neck had you not acknowledged them majestic trees. O Lawd, O Lawd!
    They are serene.

  2. Oh yes those glorious trees!

  3. Mr. Asiedu I think this is my fave post of yours. You're really good.


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