Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hating and Spiting

When haters pull up in traffic
And put their noses into your car
You can feel how evil and tragic
Their spiting and loathing are


  1. You must drive an expensive car, lol

  2. lol@Lucci

  3. That, NY,is the reason why the rat race sucks!
    They want to provoke you and me, unwilling souls, to join them in the mundane spattle.
    Turn the other way and IGNORE them big time. Sooner or later they will learn that not everybody is interested in their ego-boosting crap.

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu04 March, 2010

    Let them be. They'll rust in their loathing and hate.

  5. ...especially now in the recent context of driving what to the shallow-minded looks like a "State car".

  6. LOL no matter what ride you be pulling up in or the type of bling you donning. Nevermind if you're eating gari shit for breakfast, lunch and supper, you'll ALWAYS have haters. They're the one constant you can be sure of in this life. Them's like roaches. They never say die till you smash them to bits and scatter the parts :P

  7. @ Raine: They do it to you?

    @ Lucci: You agent provocateur!

    @ Yes, Posekyere, the wonderful weapon of disregarding!

    @ KMB: Lol.

    @ Kiz: Looool, you funny man!

    @ Daixy: So, you recommend smashing them rather than ignoring, huh?

  8. yes that mal ojo(evil eye) has been given to me a zillion times n my car ain't even fine


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