Friday, March 5, 2010

2 Things You do that I Hate

Red-lighted at the National Theatre, I was wondering why some Accraians keep the protective plastic sheets on the seats to flaunt their shiny, new cars. Just then, I swept over a tall, young woman stand-squatting with legs spread poles apart, lifted skirt, bag armpit-bound, tight-toned thighs, nice...but she was jetting piss in the perpendicular of her triangular legs. I looked hard to catch her face...and the lips she was flashing, but it was dragging dark, and the green lights galled me to go.


  1. Gross! It's bad enough when guys do it, but when women decided to eject their waste in public view...ewww; Not an issue of double standards, I simply expect better.

  2. Noooooooooooooooo!, NY.
    What? Lip service right by the National Theatre?
    Of all places? Despite the fact that this horrible spectacle is as Ghanaian as it gets, I am baffled every time I see something like that.
    I wish something could be done about such indecent acts. Perhaps, this should be used as a teaching moment for all Ghanaians.

  3. ehm, yes NY.
    Have not finished yet.
    I was wondering about the teddy bear on your wall...

  4. Ewww!!! Only you could capture it in such an entertaining way though!

  5. Nice way to teach polygon equations to adults....Worst thing I saw in daylight at North Legon though: Some dude parked, leaned on his car and pissed (guess where) on the busy street instead of the gutter or bush or something.

  6. Unfuckingbelievable! In front of the National Theatre? Thats just bad...

  7. @NY LOL! Lovely description. Some years ago I would have been appalled but very little shocks me these days in our beautiful GH. @Tye; I think its outright gross regardless of whether its a man or a woman; I don't see why the double standards?!

  8. One day, I walked up the guy mid-pee and asked him to list me reasons why he thought his actions were the BEST. I wonder if that was brave or stupid in retrospect, but it bothers me so much, I accost the perpetrators every time I can.

    PS. I just had a full dose of your postings that I have missed out on for the last month or so.
    How refreshing! I have missed your words.

  9. @ Tye: Certainly not double standards. Maybe we just respect our women more. Maybe.

    @ Posekyere: You did not write "lip service", did you? Looooooooooooooooool, you're baaaaaaaad.

    @ Posekyere: That's a huggable, lovable, lawyer, no?

    @ Raine: :-(

    @ Kwabena Asiedu: Lol. I thought I was only teaching Pissthagoras', sorry, Pythagoras' Theorem.

    @ Omotade: Yes, there's something comic in this 'tragedy'.

    @ Enyonam: Yes, right next to the entrance!

    @ Abena Serwaa: I agree. Gross is gross, no matter who the actor is!

    @ Flossy: Shock or spite may make him spray you next time. Do it from a 10-yard distance, won't you? Thanks for reading. You were sincerely missed.


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