Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Special Occasions, I Wear ...

Me Gas Mask

I'd like to boast that there's some priceless, once-in-a-year article of clothing or accessory I keep for special occasions only. But I have no lucky drawers or boxers or swinging chain, other bling or earring. So, I'm staid in that area, unless you count fragrances. Who do you wear on special occasions?


  1. WOW..

    OK on special occasions... I honestly don't wear anything

  2. LOL! Gas masks? Do I even wanna know?

    Me, I wear my favourite perfume (Haiku). It's an intoxicating scent and makes me feel wonderful

  3. You have a costume gas mask.

  4. @ Harry-Rami Itie: How, then, do you mark out that occasion as special?

    @ Daixy: Aaah, it's fragrance for you too!

    @ Myne: Yebo yes. Ok, just kidding. I've never seen a gas mask!

  5. hmmm...are you sure this is not a GIMPsuit? lolz....


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