Friday, January 29, 2010

Dodo Driving in the city of Accra

Necrophiliac Neanderthal, you stopped dead in front of me, in the middle of the street for a fate-flogged farm girl to ‘frog’ into your car. When you looked down, as I drove past, were you more ashamed of the wench or your dodo driving?


  1. It surely must be both.
    Where was this? I hope it was a corner street and not a major one. Such a huge risk because of a 'fate-flogged farm girl' is the highest form of desperation.

  2. Don't know if I already told this story...

    A man abruptly stopped his car, hazard lights and all, in the middle of a busy busy busy highway (the kaneshie highway???) blocking that lane, dashed across the friggin highway to the opposite side, TO TAKE A BATHROOM BREAK.

    I was flabbergasted.

  3. "Necrophiliac Neanderthal" haha, he's been degrade twice. Could've caused chaos on the road. GH drivers..tut tut

  4. Kai, you've finished the guy, lol...but some drivers are absolute nightmares on the road.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu30 January, 2010

    Still remember the day i was insulted by a fellow driver for stopping at a zebra let pedestrians cross the street. Illiterate/Semi-literate drivers with NO formal training, NY.

  6. @ Posekyere: No, it was at rush-hour Ridge.

    @ Raine: It does not even begin to surprise me.

    @ JuaNita: At least you know my sense of indignation.

    @ Myne: I don finish am! Lol

    @ Kwame M-B: Wow! But, again, I'm not surprised. Let me tell you a story. A driver would not stop for a pedestrian at a Zebra Crossing. The pedestrian shouted, "Don't you know a Zebra Crossing?" The oblivious driver stopped, put his head out the window, looked the pedestrian up and down, and asked "Why, you be zebra?"

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu31 January, 2010

    hahahahahahaha! "Why, you be zebra"? Ahh! Probably need to switch to its other name: Pedestrian Crossing, and the drivers told explicitly that pedestrians have right of way. There was a huge advertising campaign when it was introduced but Gh being Gh it was shortlived. So new drivers have no clue about it and other rules of driving, putting all in great danger!


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