Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bookshop Brute

I observed an Asian Aunty and her attendant, a Ghanaian guard/greyhound. She was looking for receipt books. She stood stone-like at one cool spot and sent him countless times to sundry shelves. Every time he returned, she would yell that he'd made a gaffe, and slap the books out of his hands onto the floor. I am wondering what was making her do that.


  1. Wondering the same thing too

  2. Look how everybody who comes to our shores turns into an oppressor of our men.
    An attitude cultivated and sustained by the fact that Ghanaians easily downgrade themselves before those with lighter skin colour.
    Willing slaves we are!!

  3. @ Harry-Rami Itie: maybe she was just having a terrible day.Maybe it is bigotry.

    @ Posekyere: I see you have settled on bigotry. But what you say about a general Ghanaian lack of self-worth is true.

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu31 January, 2010

    @ Posekyere, spot on! Poverty and the lack of prospects grind the average Ghanaman into the sand. Sad! In his own land as well. Ow!


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