Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breach of Promise to Marry

Imagine you spend some telling time, mad money and expensive emotions on your postcard-perfect partner’s promise to marry you, and, then, they rudely run off with some wicked wretch who also lives on your street. If you knew you could take them to court for bucks and boodle, would you do it?


  1. Hell yeah! I'd do it big time. I'll purposely snatch every penny away and by the time I'm finished, your mum may never recognize your face. lol

  2. What is boodle?

    Anyways, in such situations, I'd try to f-o-r-g-e-t as this would be most beneficial to myself (I don't think its good for your health, JuaNita)AND hopefully most painful to the ex-lover.

    I'd hate to sit close to that person with their new partner in court. I'd much rather go whistling down the street towards my fresh future and think they deserve each other.

  3. I would so sue the dude's ass! but then again, loving someone is a big risk and if you don't risk it, you can never tell where it will lead you. However, it will not stop me from suing the dude!!!

  4. Suing reeks too much of very sour grapes.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu14 January, 2010

    Bid them goodbye and good riddance. Money considered lost and wasted. Period.

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu14 January, 2010

    And Nana Yaw, you are looking really handsome in your new portrait.Need i say, you are looking better and better with age. hahahaha.

  7. I don't think I will but you never know. LOL

    Methinks the very money you make off him may lengthen your grief because of the memories. Won't you just let it go?

    Boodle is money (colloq.) If it happened to me, I would not go after them in court. But I would bide my time and hurt them back big time. It's a small country, and paths always cross over and over again.

    Unless you spent a lot of money, time, etc on him, you would likely get just general damages. They could probably pay you that amount out of their wallet (and not bank account!).

    Kiz Man, exactly my sentiments. Don't ever let "them" know they got to you. Bide your time, I say, and ...

    Yes, good riddance.

    And thanks for your kind words.


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