Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moods Withstood

I do not like this life of moods
It feels like I'm in jail
Or walking alone in dark woods
Unable to exhale


  1. and what is the cause?

  2. Moods?
    Moods = Manifestations of hormonal imbalance, insomnia or coital insufficiency!
    I see why you do not like that sort of life! Lol

  3. lol Nana @(cause being birth)!

    but try to like.
    and you'd not be dissapointed.
    love sadness, love anger, love love, love hatred, love happiness and love all the moods!

  4. Dear Posekyere,

    I get only 4 hours of sleep a night. D'you reckon that would be the cause of all these moods?

  5. Love all moods, Novisi? What happened to changing what you can?

  6. I think u shd be writing rhymes for nursery kids. lol. genius! genius!

  7. Thank you, Sir. It's my first love.

  8. lol @ the reason being birth. I feel you nana, I feel you. I do not like it either. BUT as I am sure you know, without sadness there would be no telling what is happniess, right?
    If you only get 4 hours of sleep at night that is not good. Any adult should have 8 hours. I am not managing to get that much but I try my best. Sleep deprivation really changes your hormones which in turn changes your moods, sometimes in a quite permanent way..if the stream of endorphines are reduced over a long period of time, it becomes a chronic thing your bodyis used to, and whoops you are into depression.

  9. I agree with you, Ada. I try to change every now and then, but I guess my discipline does not stretch that far. Hmmm


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