Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Public Offence

Public nose-picking
Because you'll roll the bogey around on your finger, and then try to shake hands with me!

Using a tooth pick in public
There must be a reason why your lips were made to cover your gums (and teeth)!

Shouting on the phone
I may be far away, but your mouth is to my ear!

Breaking traffic rules!
Because my dog could drive better than you!

People who stare at you in the traffic jam
Get a life, don't compare or size me up!

Many more things...
Get a life, I have work to do!


  1. Ahh I feel you. Add scratching crotch in public. Yuck. Shouting on the phone to let everyone know you're "cool", "bad" or have a cellphone is such a no-no.
    Also add not allowing people to exit a door before you enter (for instance in a building, on the bus, subway whatever). What's up with people just rushing in when they see people are trying to get out.

  2. Honking at me to drive faster
    Because you have no idea what is in front of me!

  3. Nice one Nana Yaw - please add farting to your list. Was in a line late last this week when this gentleman in front of me gave off the loudest fart ever and didn't even bat an eye in the process.

  4. Adaeze, those are all on my extended list. Amazing!

  5. That's so pissy-off, Kiz. It's on my list!

  6. Farting finds a place on that list too, Denise.

  7. *LOL* nice one. The nose-picking peeve reminds me of Alba Sumprim's book "The Imported Ghanaian"...She talked about standing at the bus-stop and one person picking their nose and setting off a chain-reaction of nose-pickers. So disgusting!
    Another thing that irks me are those bush people who stick gum under tables... I was shocked this weekend when our dining room table broke suddenly and I looked underneath to find someone had stuck gum at one end. Okay, that was unrelated to the break but gross!!! Well, I guess it happens to the pews in church so nothing is actually sacred. *Yuck*

    BTW: I love staring at people in traffic james...sorry for sizing you up Nana Yaw :(

  8. Anonymous05 May, 2009

    You have a dog?!

  9. Anonymous05 May, 2009

    Will you please add those nasty butt (mostly tro tro/bus/taxi) drivers who choose to hack so loud and disghustingly and spit everything out of the window towards other people/cars while in moving/standing traffic. GROSS!

  10. I'm cool if you stare at me, Aby :)

  11. Just mentioned it for effect, Anon. So you know me!

  12. Yes, Anon, the list certainly includes the spittle sprayers!

  13. I hate dose guys hu use de tooth pick, somebody came to ma office n his dressing luks like one of de bush-pig kinna dressing n he was just using dis pick in his muf like he is using de chewing stick, he was wearing a coat too, well i insulted him in ma mind cus he was pissing me off. Buh after he came out from ma boss office he dash me "argent"...buh i didnt regreet dissing im in ma head...I even added dat "n so wat"

  14. *LOL* X2! Thanks for the carte blanche to continue staring ;)


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