Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Face Transplants & Other Random Questions

Who's ever seen a fake cell phone?
Are we now transplanting human faces?
Is actress Morena Baccarin any good?
Isn't "brand" Oprah-KFC a greedy publicity monster?


  1. any face to compare? toy fones r fake

  2. Anonymous06 May, 2009

    Seen plenty of fake phones...the display ones.
    I saw the article and pictures of the face transplant lady in the newspaper today, and my initial reaction was along the lines of wtf....the picture caught my eye first ofcourse. Dont know who the actress is. As for oprah- yeaaaaaaa, no comment but I am excited about the delicious grilled chicken at KFC!

  3. Interesting that you should mention face transplants. The last episode of Grey's Anatomy I saw (Tuesday I believe it was) had that very theme.

    It did not particularly evoke any strong emotions for me, though I strangely felt that it should.

  4. @ Naa...about the phones, I meant seeing a fake like Jokia!

  5. @ Anon...I was skeptical about the face transplant too until I read Connie Culp's story. Shot in the face by her husband! That has to be the unkindest cut of all!

  6. @ Selali...I believe face transplants should call up some emotion in you. I'm even wondering whether they're using human skin (grafted from the patient or somebody else), pig skin (seriously) or whatever else.


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